GDPR Translation
GDPR Translation

GDPR Translation

With the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU member states seek to better protect their citizens’ personal data against abuse and theft. For businesses, an important part of GDPR is having to inform their customers, suppliers and other business contacts in an understandable manner about what data is processed how and when. An effective means for meeting this GDPR requirement is a data privacy declaration published on the company website. In order to ensure that foreign business partners also have adequate access to information, a professional GDPR translation into their respective mother tongues (Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, etc.) is in no way an unnecessary luxury.

GDPR Translation by Specialised Translators

At Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria GmbH we always keep up to date with recent social developments. For many years, we have been supporting our clients who operate on an international scale with the translation of complex legal texts. Recently, we added GDPR translation to our range of services. We are happy to help you with GDPR translations in languages such as Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Slovenian, etc.

GDPR Translation – Just One of Many Measures

In order to ensure GDPR compliance, businesses need to adopt a range of technical and organisational measures. They have to obtain consent from clients, prospects and suppliers, keep a record of their processing activities, provide an understandable data privacy declaration on their website and conclude non-disclosure agreements and commissioned data processing agreements. All measures must be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure GDPR compliance.

GDPR Translation in French, German, etc.

Especially when it comes to the data privacy declaration provided on a website, professional GDPR translation is essential. The duty to inform business partners about the processing of their data in an understandable manner is a matter that transcends national borders. Only a translation done by a qualified legal translator can guarantee perfect understanding. Applying the four eyes principle, which means that finished translations are revised by a second translator before they are delivered to the client, ensures that even with technically challenging texts no information is lost in the process. An ISO 17100 compliant translation of their data privacy declaration and other GDPR-related documents (commissioned data processing agreements, consent forms, etc.) helps businesses avoid legal problems. Ideally, GDPR-related documents should not only be translated into German but also into other languages of the European Union (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovakian, etc.). This way, it is possible to greatly minimise the danger of not being understood or of being misunderstood by customers, suppliers and prospects.

No matter what kind of legal translation you need, please do not hesitate to contact Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria. We will be happy to help.